Paws & Pens: A Solemn Concrete River

Hey guys!! We’re back again today with a student submission from el-Aurens Ximenis!! I hope you enjoy!

A solemn concrete river
In between the rolling plains of freshest green
Becomes a bustling civil hub
Filled with more concrete streams

Inventing the wheel and fire
Gave our species a renewed hope
Yet no longer do we plough with cattle
Instead we tie our fellow man to the yoke

Gone are the days of common civility
Dead us the notion of medieval chivalry
Society’s overlords have replaced our virtues
We now value greed rather than humility

The former fertile crescent
Once a land of prosperity
And so the white-man asked “shall we go”
And the rest of them agreed, “verily”

Then further south and to the west
Lay what was once the dark continent
Where the white men also hastily went
And looted and plundered to their hearts’ content

And lands of a new world further west
Ushered in decades of disagreement and war
Then at the zenith of the nation’s formation
They took after their parents, and destroyed more

Now we weep and lament over past events
And we seek justice for the victims
Yet soon we learn, though with good intent
Simple pleas won’t fix the system

So if you toil and beg, and pray, and hope
For a renewed sense of civilisation
Then you can’t bring about permanent reform
Without revolution leading to total liberation

A river of deepest blue, alive with fish jumping
The surrounding realm teaming with flora and fauna
The green no longer juxtaposed to the grim grey
And the sun no longer a harbinger, but rather shines down on a perfect day


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