The Earth is actually Hollow!?

You’ve surely heard of the flat earth theory or the cat earth theory or the oval earth theory.

But apparently us, humans don’t have anything better to do than to come up with more theories. So add the ‘Hollow earth’ theory to the list.

Now when we think of the layers of earth, we list it as the cores, the mantles and the crust. But there is reason to believe the earths surface is only 800 to 2000 miles thick and that an entire new world exists beneath this surface!

This roots back to the Nazi party and the third riot who were so convinced that the earth is hollow, they sent out three expeditions to Antartica in 1938. They claimed a whole part of Antartica as their territory and renamed it ‘new Swabia’. On the lookout, researchers claim the Nazi’s never found the entrance but instead stumbled upon technology from the subterranean world which were reverse engineered to make something we now recognise as “UFO’s”.

But it looks like the Hollow earth theory is becoming the Nazi theory as some in fact believe that the Nazi’s did encounter an entrance to the ‘inner world’ which was kept hidden from the rest of the world. The more the hate grew on Hitler, the more people believed that he didn’t die in the infamous bunker suicide but instead fled to his troops in Antartica and is leading a life in the ‘inner world’.

In connection to Hitler, around the same period, thousands of Nazi scientists started disappearing towards the ending of the war. We know these scientists were recruited by the US and we also know the Nazis surely made it to new Swabia, but is it really a coincidence that these scientists went missing from the fear of US or did they actually follow Hitler into Swabia to research on their alien technology?

Enough of the Nazi’s and more onto science.

In 2014 a University professor- Gram Pearson began analysing an eight- sheep diamond found in the Jurina area of Mato. Inside of this brown-is diamond they happened to find a mineral called ‘ringwoodite’ while in search for something else.


This substance wasn’t unknown as it had been found in meteorites before, but it was the first time encountering it inside earth! This finding was so significant because traces of water were found trapped inside the diamond, water which only forms 250-350 miles below the planet’s surface in the so called “transition zone” between the upper & lower mantle. This finding proved that there are indeed wet spots deep under the earths crust and that the transition zone might have as much water as all the world’s oceans combined…or in other words, enough to support life.

Other than water, the Sun is another main component which supports life. Hart Euler, a Swiss mathematician supported this concept with his proposal that the earth has a 600 mile diameter Sun in the centre. Euler believed this very inner sun was providing the advanced generation with life. Soon in the 1940’s Richard Byrd (a Navy Admiral and the first person to fly over the North Pole) actually said to have entered this world through an opening in the North Pole. His diary records describe his findings of lakes, rivers, green vegetation and even a living mammoth. These entrances were illustrated as caves continuing underground in the north and South Pole or the Kentucky’s Mammoth cave.


And the last evidence is Edmund Halley’s belief in regards to the magnetic field. He noticed the fields are rather unpredictable with its lines shifting yearly…with nothing else to blame but the earth’s hollowness. Halley says we are standing on the outer most shell with three more shells within, and it is the poles of those shells which throw off our magnetic field. He proposed that each sphere had the capacity to support life as each sphere was bathed with light from the atmosphere- which is what filled the inner spaces.

Now the earth MAY be hollow, but at least in the end, it is still a sphere and not a cat.


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