Lights, Camera, Distraction!

Have you seen children being addicted to social media rather than looking up to life? Well, social media is actually dangerous for children and they shouldn’t be using it if they can’t manage their time and be responsible. This article will let you experience the side effects as well as the advantages of social media use.

Social Media can be a waste of time, a distraction. Not only does it keep you off track from doing your work, but it is also dangerous. Every morning do you check your phone to keep yourself updated on what is happening? Do you spend more than 5 hours on your phone on an average day? If your answer is yes, I believe that you get distracted by social media just like most children and teens do.

Did you know that our brains are attracted to shiny objects? This is another reason why we tend to binge on social media. Notification anxiety is another thing which I personally find hard to ignore. It is when a message appears from your media app. For example, “Someone commented on your post” or even, “someone messaged you”. You have the urge to click on that notification and rush to figure out what the reminder was about.

On social media, you have to be responsible and careful. Privacy and security systems exist for reasons for controlling the people who can view your posts. You must be aware of what you are posting because once it is posted, it’s always posted. Even if your account is set as private, be sure to keep your personal things personal because sometimes, social media can ruin a reputation. Be responsible to take action if you recognize something inappropriate. Make sure to report or block the account because anything on social media can be artificial or real.

On the other hand, social media is also beneficial. We find out about what is happening every day in the social world by browsing the internet. In addition, it makes everyone feel involved and builds better relationships.  The internet doesn’t make us feel lonely and by texting through social media, it keeps relations close by, giving us the ease of communication.

To sum up, there are definitely two sides to whether social media is safe and if children should use it. I believe that there is no specific age when they are allowed to but they should be responsible in that social world. Children can have social media but they must be safe, get the important things done first and control their screen time as it is a distraction from work and real life.

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