Should Students Join Extracurricular Activities and Clubs in Schools?

Have you ever wanted to join a club at school? Or are you already in a certain school club/team? What are extracurricular activities? There are around three types of extracurricular activities. The first one is school activities, such as joining sports teams, dance teams, writing articles for the school’s blog, drama club, and other academic clubs. Another type of activity is work by which you could take action: babysitting, dog-walking, and part-time jobs. Lastly volunteering, which involves tutoring, mentoring and doing service for the community. However, this article will tell you why you should and shouldn’t participate in extracurricular activities and clubs at school.

Extracurricular activities are important. They benefit you in many ways, and who knows, maybe they could help make your school life better. The advantages of participating in a school’s extra curriculums are: they build new skills, distract you from serious studying, look good on resumes, and you can also experience teamwork and socialization. Participating in extracurricular activities helps build new skills because you get more opportunities to discover your passions and knowledge about your interests. Being a part of a group, team, and club helps you get things off your mind, therefore relieving stress. For example, you have an exam coming up and you’re really stressed out about not getting a good grade. A solution to that is to take a break and do something you are passionate about, which is possible by participating in a school club. The second reason is that it would look on resumes. According to College Choice, colleges not only look forward to good scores but also look for students who participate in extracurricular activities because they want to identify who are you, and what you are out of the classroom. Being in a team or club is all about teamwork. It is likely that everyone must work with each other in a team in order to complete, win or to be successful, which would help you build the skill of teamwork and making new friends. Finally, you have the opportunity to explore and learn more about yourself of what you want to do in the future, also it could build better skills of time-management which helps reach to success. Although there are rational reasons that extracurricular activities are important, there are further reasons why they aren’t beneficial.

Joining in school clubs or teams might not be as beneficial as you think because it could harm you in ways that you never thought could be possible. You should not take part in extra curriculums because of loss of interest, stress time management, and commitment problems. Joining in an extra curriculum takes lots of time management and commitment because you need to complete tasks and send in things on your deadline or else you could get kicked off which is the last thing anyone would want. You also need to be interested in the activity that you are joining because you must be committed, if not then you won’t enjoy it and you will eventually get bored and quit. Another reason why you shouldn’t take part in extracurricular activities is that it could be stressful because there’s a lot of pressure in a role and if you can’t complete the task then you could let people down which will lead to personal problems like doubting yourself which would decrease your self-esteem and confidence. In conclusion, you should take part in extracurricular activities but make a wise choice and actually be committed, it could lead to great successes.


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