Is Giving Students too much Work actually beneficial?

Have you ever experienced having a huge pile of work in front of you and felt like you’ll never finish it? After that, did you feel like your mind was about to explode? Well, this article will explain if homework is actually beneficial or not.

As we all know, homework improves students’ ability to complete useful tasks such as practicing for tests or work endurance through assignments. Homework gives students the opportunity to review the class material and test their understanding of the topics they’ve learned. Not only is that the case, but homework also educates students about time management and setting priorities for tasks. Problem-solving is another positive outcome of doing homework because, in real life, you need to know how to respond to different situations and take responsibility for your role. Another skill students develop by doing homework is that they will learn to take responsibility for their actions as an individual. Being independent is another life skill as homework is usually an individual task, allowing students to learn the importance of planning, staying organized and taking action.

On the other hand, most students get stressed as a result of the workload. I also side with this argument because I get stressed out when teachers give a lot of work all at once. Moreover, I am a student who learns three languages (Thai, Mandarin, English) which means that I don’t have study hall to complete my assignments. Therefore, I must use my weekends to get ahead of the curve. When students get stressed about homework, they often do not have the motivation to do the work and so the quality of the work may not be the student’s best work because the effort they put in wasn’t their fullest. Too much homework also limits students’ free time or time for them to relax and empty their minds to reset themselves. It is vital for students to socialize and do extra-activities to explore their passions and interests. Socializing develops the communication and social skills of individuals which are important for the future. Extra-curriculum is also beneficial for students in their free time as they will get extra credit for colleges in the future.

As you can see, homework has beneficial and non-beneficial effects on students and their lives. A compromised suggestion is to give students homework, but not all at once. If you are feeling stressed about the workload and not having enough time to complete them, feel free to consult your teacher and express your feelings to them. I’m sure they’ll understand!


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