Paws & Pens: Dear You

Student Submission from Thomas grade 11

Through the pain of it all, we grow.
Through the failure of it all, we know.
We learn, we break, we heal our bones.
There may be words spoken by those of importance,
But at the end of the day, it is not others that form us.
We shape ourselves.

Our past memories linger on our mental shelves gathering dust.
Our metal idols of the present turning in time into rust.
Our toasts we make to tomorrow will be shared with folks of the upper crust.
But we know in our core, it is time to take up the mantle.
Grasp the needle gently and bead it through our troubles
String up our problems tight, and reduce them all to rubble.

The monumental task of self-acceptance has never been easy,
And the journey upwards from our current station is fraught,
With the danger and fear of being caught out when we least expect it.
But it’s best if we have people to help us through this,
Sometimes the only way to describe what it is,
Is to say its gone from rocky waters to a steaming pile of shit.

That’s not to say it’s not something which we can fix
It’s just not something best left to do alone
And sometimes it doesn’t feel like your house is a home.
Because home is where our friends are, our compatriots, comrades, compadres
Members of a not so revolutionary, but quite amicable cadre.
It is where we feel safe. It need not be a physical place.

Neither must we be content with what is in the physical realm,
Because at the end of the day our consciousness is at the helm.
If we can control the way information comes in,
And process it without the influence of exterior sin,
Because the fear and the ignorance of those around you
Should not cause you stress and harm that’s undue

Don’t beat yourself up about it too,
Because my God, and I say that as an atheist, your existence is a virtue.
You bless us with your love and your brilliance,
And your constant and eternal willingness to just be there,
For anyone, anywhere,
Because you my good friend are a person on which we all can depend.

No matter what troubles you, plagues your bright mind, or makes you feel like you’re being left behind, we are with you, we feel that at times too, and whatever we can do to help pull you through, we will.


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