Wolf Reads #50

This week, some unique love stories to fill your heart with warmth!

The Sun is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon


“The trouble with getting your hopes too far up is: it’s a long way down.”

Natasha, a girl who only understands science and facts, and does not believe in destiny or even fate for that matter. What will happen when she bumps into a boy, a cute boy, on the streets of New York City and falls in love with him? The twelve hours she spent with him were the best way to enjoy her last twelve hours in America before being deported to Jamaica.

Daniel, a boy who is the ideal son: good grades, good achievements, good manners does not have time to think about love. All of a sudden, everything changes when he sees her. Natasha makes him a poet, a dreamer. Spending time with Natasha has caused him to think that there is a great future awaiting the two of them. But what he doesn’t know is that the twelve hours he spent with her were her final hours in this country.

Will the universe align their fate and allow them to get together? A million choices await them,  but which choice would be the best choice? Which one would allow their dreams to come true?

I Have Lost My Way by Gayle Forman 


“When a broken bone heals, it’s stronger than it was before the break. Same holds true for broken hearts.”

One day. Three perspectives. Freya, a growing singer loses her voice while recording her first album. Harun, a heartbroken boy who has lied to his parents to talk to his love and make things normal again. Nathanial, an overly-excited tourist ready to visit New York City somehow found himself in the middle of a mess. All three collide into each other in ways unheard of. As time passes, secrets of their past are revealed and truths unfolded. With the help of each other, they all find the courage to go back and solve their problems.

Layover by Amy Anderson and Emily Meyer


What no one ever seems to understand about me is how scared I am. Of everything.”

Flynn: Since the beginning, since I moved to New York, Amos was the only one I could count on. Amos and I were always there for Poppy too. My parents left me and I was raised by a nanny. Everyone in my life eventually left me, I just didn’t expect Amos to leave. Or to fall for him.

Amos: We were always together. Flynn and I. We took care of Poppy together, played together, and spent the majority of our time together. At first, I thought I was the only one who felt it, but then I could tell she felt it too. I didn’t know what to do but I knew that it wasn’t right to fall for your step-sister. So I left them and come to a boarding school. She never found out why I left, every time I tried to tell her, I couldn’t.

What will happen when Flynn, Amos, and Poppy ditch Christmas with their parents and go on an adventure of their own? Will they get caught and be forced to return, or will they have the time of their lives?


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