The Eighth Largest Country in the World

Did you know that Argentina is known to be the land of various landscapes? It’s home to most beautiful waterfalls that exist on the planet, such as the Iguazu Falls located in the northern part of the country.

Argentina is located in the South American continent, and it borders other countries such as Bolivia, Brazil, Paraguay, and Uruguay. The capital city of this country in Buenos Aires. As of 2016, Argentina had a population of 43.9 million, and the language the citizens of the country usually speak is Spanish. However, languages that you could hear in Argentina besides Spanish are Italian, English, German, and French. Buenos Aires is often referred to as “Little Europe” as much of their culture and architecture was influenced by Europeans.

Roman Catholic is the dominant religion in Argentina, though native Indians once dominated the country. It has been known that 92% of the Argentinian population believe in Christianity and are Roman Catholic. Annual holidays such as Christmas and Easter are organized in the form of a community reunion. Some important festivals and celebrations that are celebrated in Argentina are Tango Buenos Aires Festival, Cosquín Folk Festival, Fiesta Nacional de la Vendimia, Carnival, and Oktoberfest Festival of Beer. The Cosquín festival is another musical celebration of Folklore dances, and musical tunes are played throughout the end of January and start of February.

Each country has its own cuisine specialty; Argentina is particularly well known for its wine and beef. The most traditional dish is the Asado which is basically grilled meat marinated with different spices. This country’s cuisine has been influenced by European cuisine, but Argentinians add their additional touches and customs to these dishes. Some well-known dishes are Empanadas, Carbonara Criolla, and Alfajores. Empanadas are a starter which include meat piece, sausages, and egg. Carbonara Criolla is a main course dish which is a beef stew accompanied with sweet dried fruits and sweet potatoes. Last but not least, alfajores are pastries that are often served for dessert. They are cookies which are crispy on the outside but very soft and creamy inside your mouth.

Argentinians value family enormously. The elder ones are expected to be spoken to with a respectful tone, and their younger family members have the responsibility to take care of their other family members if they are unable to take care of themselves.

After reading this article, do you want to experience this culture yourself?



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