KIS REVIEWS: A Bank Robbery

The 13th and 14th of March were very important days as – if you didn’t realize! – the drama club performed A Bank Robbery for all of us to enjoy! (And by us, I mean those of us who decided to buy a ticket, and you know, actually watch the show).

Just in case you were unaware of what the show’s about here’s a little blurb I came up with myself 😉 :

In‘ A Bank Robbery’ characters attempt to rob a bank.

There you have it! If you watched the play you’ll know how great it was, and if you didn’t watch it, I’m here to tell you what you missed out on!

  • The show was SO FUNNY. I went twice, and still laughed at some of the jokes the second time around despite already knowing what was coming.
  • The actors were all fantastic!
    • Their characters were unique!
    • They had great chemistry!
    • Brilliant comedic timing!
    • Just yeah, amazing 😉
  • Adorable, and very talented dancers (with very cute costumes might I add) showed off their skills with quite a few little dance numbers to entertain the audience.
  • The set was all put together very well (my favourite prop was the car that included the steering wheel that ~mysteriously~ moved about the car depending on who was driving)
  • Loved the 50’s soundtrack that played throughout the show, definitely helped create that 50’s vibe for the play. (Sh-Boom (Life Could Be a Dream) is still stuck in my head).

There you have it! I’m sure there were more things that made it great! I just can’t remember them 😛 But don’t worry I’m not quite done yet; this wouldn’t be a genuine KIS REVIEWS without some inane comments from the KIS community!

“I was worried that it wouldn’t be PG but realized that Ms. Sally directed the whole thing.” – Soojin G12

“It was the funniest play I’ve seen in my LIFE.” – Dominic G7 (not entirely sure if he was being sarcastic or not).

“It was a barrel of laughs but the barrel was made out of sad teenagers.”  – PF G10

Regina [played by Szilvi] was a mood ‘cause she just slept throughout.” – Avi G12

“It was very comedic.” – Aki G12

“Nice.” – Mansi G12

“Mediocre.” – Sebastian G10

“Mediocre at BEST.” – Jedi G10 (I’m sensing a theme).

There you have it! Fantastic job again everyone, and good luck for next year 🙂


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