Is Internet Limiting Creativity?

Have you actually questioned yourself what the internet actually is? Well, the internet is an electronic communications network that connects computer networks and organizational computer facilities around the world. Many devices such as mobiles, computers, and applications in devices such as Google and social media sites require the use of Internet.

The internet is definitely limiting creativity because of the applications (that requires the internet) everyone is using. Applications such as Yahoo, Bing, Google and many more, is a search internet software that helps us research, gives informations and answers. For example, for a school project, you will need to do some research and to present it, you might present it in a poster so you may need to search for inspiration. Another internet example would be all kinds of social media applications. One of a social media application is Pinterest. It is known as a place to get ideas, information, and news in pictures. The apps have different categories for you to choose and they will recommend pictures for inspiration by the category of your choice. Therefore, social media has almost everything and it could help you with your problems however it will limit your creativity because you will get the inspiration from the internet and not originally from your own mind. On the other hand, the internet has a good influence on us due to these reasons. The internet is a system that provides information for us to acknowledge, get inspired by, and it’s a source that allows us to communicate with others indirectly. By using the internet, we could get inspired by others but it does not mean by copying others work entirely. We could adapt from the original piece into our own. Basically, spice the original piece with your own unique styles.

In conclusion, there are two sides to whether the internet is limiting creativity or not. I believe that the internet has given us lots of ideas and inspiration. The internet had helped me in many projects and especially in school. It had helped me in visual arts and it had given me the motivation to do school work as well. So the answer to the question is both yes. Use the internet as a reference but don’t directly replicate it because you could definitely create great changes that the internet can’t.


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