Spirit Week 2019!

As per tradition, Spirit Week is coming up! 

When? Next week!

You are probably wondering about the themes by now… well, here it is!

If you are confused about any themes, here are some clarification:

  • Mono Monday: Wear a color that’s monotone! Black, White or Grey are all perfect : ) 
  • Twinsies Tuesday: Wear similar looking clothes as someone else in the school. Uniforms DOES NOT count!
  • Wacky Socks Wednesday: Express your inner coolness! How? Wear colourful socks!
  • Colourful Songkran Thursday: Clothing that are colourful, vibrant or with flowers. Songkran theme!
  • House Love Friday: Express your love for your house with house colors! 

The spirit week is free of charge so you don’t need to pay 20 baht .-.

What’s better is there to it? We hope to see everyone dressing up!!

If you have any more questions, feel free to email kis-student-council@edu.kis.ac.th or talk to your class representatives.


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