People should do more to Protect Wildlife

Wildlife including birds, fish, and other living organisms has the rights to live in a sustainable and healthy environment like how humans have safe homes and access to resources such as food, water, and shelter. Humans should be protecting wildlife more because they help our ecosystem; such as bees that pollinate our plants and dogs that  are not only loyal, but also provide services to mankind in the form of love. 

Image result for animals being abused

Animals protect our environment because they have responsibilities for different things. They also enable us, humans, to understand more about their lifestyles which will give us an incentive and inspiration to rescue them, after we realize their importance.  If a species of  go extinct, it is gone forever which means that the future generations will never have a chance to see the extinct animals. Humans have been using animals testing and they are also being hunted for their skins or being poached and sold in the black market (animal trafficking). For example, tigers are being hunted for their skin to make rugs, elephants are being poached for their tusks, and rare birds and slow lorises are being sold in the black market. Another example is polar bears being poached for their white fur to make coats.  Even though poaching provides us with various benefits in terms of resources to use, I strongly believe that we could find many more alternatives instead of poaching and using them as resources.

This action has got to stop and be put to an end. If you have seen some extreme dog abuse videos recently, do you think they deserve this? No. This is exactly why animal abuse should be stopped immediately. People should start taking more action to raise awareness about animal abuse and wildlife. I personally would definitely want to do something about the violent dog videos that have been coming out since I am a dog lover and an animal lover; no one with a soul deserves this kind of treatment.

To conclude, we all can do more to protect wildlife and stop animal abuse by taking action indirectly or directly as you may recognize the changes and be a part of the solution. Not only that, but you may also save many species and lives of animals for the future generation. So please take matters into your own hands and make a difference, I’m positive that you can do it.


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