Paws & Pens: Eighth

Seven wonders of the world,
But I’m not satisfied.
All of them, crumbling in the pages of history.
Time passes but they are paralyzed-
Until they erode into
The crevices, the alcoves
Of the outgrown.

Seven wonders of the world,
From Alexandria to Babylon but
Where do they go
When memory drives them to fiction?
What do I know
If even God is practicing crucifixion?
What do I know at all?

Seven wonders of the world,
A wonder of human hand and human mind.
I wonder why
We decided to leave them behind.
Could there be
A wonder, without reliance
On the false memory of defiance?
An eighth wonder
That doesn’t make me wonder
If anything is permanent.

Eight wonders of the world,
Even as Time unforgivably buries.
I am the eighth wonder,
And when I change the world,
Just watch, Time,
Wait for when your dirt finds nothing to erase,
Because I am immortal.


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