Physical Bullying VS Cyberbullying


There are many different kinds of bullying, any kind of bullying is equally as bad. However, the most common forms of bullying are physical bullying and cyberbullying. What is physical bullying and cyberbullying? Physical bullying is when you take action directly through punching, kicking, and other types of attacks. Cyberbullying is the use of electronic communication to intimidate a person.

Physical bullying and cyberbullying have lots of differences, benefits, and of course, side effects. A difference in physical bullying is that it is easier to spot and notice therefore people could help you easier and faster before you get any more hurt. However, physical bullying is direct bullying meaning that you would physically get hurt, which could cause major injuries and bleeds. Cyberbullying is an indirect form of bullying. The benefits are that you wouldn’t physically get hurt, no bruises or injuries, but you could get emotionally hurt and if it’s very hurtful or threatful, it could cause severe depression and many people, especially teenagers are getting cyberbullied which the result was committing suicide.

In conclusion, physical bullying and cyberbullying have their effects. However, they shouldn’t even exist because people shouldn’t be treating each other like this. If you guys have problems with each other, you could solve it by communicating, but don’t spread it out to the world, leak private information or attacking them wouldn’t help.


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