Paws & Pens: Mother

Dearest Mother,
I have returned to your embrace.
It is in these times of turmoil
That I learn of your true grace.

May I ask for your forest,
To plant my roots into the soil,
Make my place, and keep me nourished.

May I ask for your energy,
To produce and create and toil,
My own world, my reverie.

May I ask for your resources,
To burn the fuel and oil,
And drive my own courses.

May I ask for your seas,
To conquer the waves that roil,
And trade with the world’s economies.

May I ask for your air,
To breathe and then spoil,
For my children shall clean it fair.

Dearest Mother,
I must ask for your life,
For I need more.
In these times of strife.
And though your other children,
The elements and animals,
I have all made ridden,
I swear that all I take
Will be repaid
By my own children.


“Mother” is written to commemorate Earth Day. We are all born unto Mother Earth, and we will all return one day. Let’s make sure our planet is still around for our children to live in, without a mess to clean up. Use less plastic in your daily life, recycle your trash and be energy efficient! Everyone can make a difference and every difference matters!


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  1. Why people still use to read news papers when in this technological world all is available on web?


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