World Scholar’s Cup 2019


The weekend of March 23-25 was an im-pwaa-ssibly exciting weekend. I suppose this is what you might call a ‘nerd convention’ upon first sight. I can assure you, it is very much so.

But it’s much more than that. On the morning of March 23, twenty one KIS students marched bravely into Brighton College, where the World Scholar’s Cup was being hosted. The day was to be spent writing essays, and taking an exam, and debating global topics. Just the typical teenage Saturday, really. And today was not only a day spent studying academic topics and exchanging ideas in friendly competition, but it was also a day spent socializing with other students from different schools!

That night, all the sane participants would go home and try to study for the scholar’s bowl, where teams of three would work together to answer questions given around the topic. This year’s theme was “A World in the Margins”, which allowed for students to explore marginalized people, topics, concepts, and world events.

This year, we brought back 3 trophies and many, many medals. With all the teams having been qualified for the Global Round to be happening in Beijing, Astana, Sydney, the Hague, Manila and Durban, we’re pretty excited for what comes next! Here are some commemorative comments from the participants:

“It was a good time. Yes. Good time.” – PF, G10

“Holy crap.” – Mac, G10

“It was quite lovely.” – Iq, G10

“Please don’t shush everyone, thank you.” – Itsuki, G9

“I got blacklisted but that’s alright, I had fun!” – Thomas, G11


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