Paws & Pens: A List of Beautiful Things

1. the sky at sunrise
2. your favorite song in the dark
3. seeing stars outside the city
4. the exhilaration of being in the city
5. the Northern lights
6. deep oceans
7. running fingers through clean hair
8. giggling in whispers
9. late late late nights
10. the feeling of ice cold water after a run
11. poetry
12. being able to fully trust someone
13. dancing like no one’s watching
14. back hugs
15. snow
16. a nap when you’re tired
17. ceramics
18. kindness from strangers
19. the way someone talks when they’re passionate
20. laughing until your stomach hurts
21. crying at midnight
22. shallow rivers
23. singing loudly though you can’t sing
24. the sun at sunset
25. you


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