Paws & Pens: Don’t Worry


Dun-dun-dun-dun-TA-DA!! A student submission for one of our last posts this year, by student under the name Abraham Abrams. Before we proceed, please feel free to send in anymore submissions of your poems and creative writing to!! Dare I say, this is one of our most relevant topics in this time.



I know it’s getting a bit warmer lately,
It’s probably nothing, just go somewhere shady, Alice
Sit back and relax.

No need to worry.

Yes, the little plant just died,
Never mind the drought,
Alice, I know you’re sad,
It must be the bugs, nibbling and gobbling,
It’s fine, pesticide will make them rout

I see what you mean,
The air looks a little soupier, like wading through storm clouds made viscous
It’s going to be all right, that’s why we brought the masks,
Guess you’ll need a flashlight, Alice,
Find your way through to the dusk.

You’re being such a worrywart.
I hear you. I’m listening intently,
Of course I care about you, Alice,
It’s just that, we have bigger worries, right here, right now:
Planting trees can wait, we have a war to wage.

It’s not the end of the world!
That third degree burn will heal,
The world isn’t yet totally scorched,
Our children will deal with it,
Alice will deal with it.

Go back to sleep, Alice.

You won’t have to worry. Never again.


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