Paws & Pens: Please


HI!! WELCOME BACK TO ANOTHER YEAR OF SCHOOL! For those who don’t know,  this segment spotlights creative writing in poetry and prose. If you have any work (any at all) you’d like to share, please feel free to send it to!!

Every word from your mouth,
Sweet as cherry wine,
Falls upon me
Like blessed rain.
Sticky syrupy saccharine
Drenches me
Head to toe
And refuses to let go,
Clinging to my skin like burnt toffee.

All I can think of-
I like it.
I like you.
Every word from your mouth,
Nectar and ambrosia
To me.

You paint me resplendent
In shades of
Soft sincerity
And decadent validation.
I drink up
Your honeyed phrases,
And candied sentences.

They are as
As they are empty
But they mean the same to me:
I am deserving
Of attention.
I have value.
I have
Someone who cares
About me.

Say it again.


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