Wolf Reads #55

It’s only the third week of school and everyone already seems stressed! Here are a few books to check out that might lower that rising stress level (or not?) 🙂

The Suspect by Fiona Barton


“The truth didn’t have a suitable emoji.” 

While traveling to Thailand during their gap year, 2 girls, the age of 18 go missing. Being so far away from them, their families, full of worry cannot do anything but follow the news around them.

Journalist Kate Walters is always trying to be the first person to receive important information. Sometimes to gain popularity, other times to share the news with the public, and this time was no different. Except, it was. Her son, whom she hasn’t seen in 2 years keep on coming to her mind and she begins to worry. Her son being away from her made her care, which made this case a personal matter for her.

As the information on the 2 girls keeps getting revealed, they all begin to fear the worst. What they all don’t know is that, even though the girls are across the world, “danger can lie closer to home than you might think…”

The Dreamer by Karen Thompson Walker


“This is how the sickness travels best: through all the same channels as do fondness and friendship and love.” 

In a town in Southern California, a girl falls asleep in her dorm room – but she doesn’t wake up. Even after her roommate, Mei called for help, not the paramedics who took her to the hospital, nor the puzzled doctors at the hospital. But then all of a sudden, another girl falls asleep, and then another and no one has a clue about what is going on. Suddenly, life for everyone has changed. Classes are canceled, stores are closed and a quarantine is established.

People all across town are trying to protect themselves. Mei, the first victims’ roommate was an outcast in the hierarchy of dorms, but together with her roommate, she found it the best.  2 professors try their hardest to protect their newborn baby from this “disease” that was spreading all across town.

While everyone is trying to protect themselves, they are unknown to the actual wonders of this disease. No one knows why that first girl who fell asleep now had a new life growing within her – even she doesn’t. The best psychiatrists from nearby areas are called to understand the situation but even they are unable to comprehend it. What everyone does know is that those affected are showing record-high levels of brain activity. “They are dreaming heightened dreams – but of what?”


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