Paws & Pens: A Mighty Battle


I hope everyone is doing ok so far 🙂 A week in September has never felt so long. We have our FIRST STUDENT SUBMISSION FOR THE YEAR!! Poem by Prateek from G11. Enjoy!

Hold your ground, arms at the ready,
Two armies face each other, level, eye-to-eye,
Planning formation, strategic and steady,
Waiting patiently for war’s thunderous cry.

Each platoon a reflection of the other’s power,
Each individual against its equivalent foe,
No place for fear, no time to cower,
Which side shall victor, none can know.

An infantry of soldiers, warriors of stone,

Armoured knights, and clergymen to urge Faith on each side,
The ruler who governs the kingdom on her own,
The nation’s figurehead, his function only to hide.

Yet these armies, for all their strength and skill,
Are left to the mercy of beings much greater,
Deciding each move, which opponent to kill,
These armies are destroyed by their own creator.

The warriors cross their weapons, completely unaware,
Of the omnipotent beings controlling the way they have fought,
They fight valiantly, despite the situation where,

Without the beings, they are capable of neither action nor thought.

You may feel that the poem describes a certain game,
In which we, the great beings, have often engaged,
The poem describes chess, and yet all the same,
It could stand for any war that we, the soldiers, have waged.


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