I know I said I was going to try to alternate between books and movies but the only books I have finished reading in the last couple weeks are required for school, and I would never want to spoil those! I also have asked people for requests and the only reply I ever got was from Thomas May. Because of this, I have decided to instead ignore him and advocate for my all time favourite movies and one that is extremely close to my heart, La La Land.

This is no indie film and it won best picture in 2017 (if only for a little bit,) so it’s no surprise that it is a top-tier film. La La Land is a musical, so be warned that musicals are almost always if not always extremely extra, so bear with me.

Everything good with the film

  • It had a nostalgic feeling to the film, taking you back to a style seen in the 1940s to 60s, and is very reminiscent of the Hollywood Golden Age
    • It is set in modern day time with a pretty 40s feel
  • It is inspired by many classic musicals of the 1900s, such as “An American in Paris” and “Singin’ in the Rain” and it shows
    • I noticed some references to “Vertigo” which is a Hitchcock film, which I thought I would mention as my last review was Hitchcock
  • The on-stage chemistry between Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling is brilliant, and it portrays “Mia” and “Sebastian” in a very unique light
  • The songs fit very well into the story line and aid the narrative in telling a compelling story, and the sound amazing while doing so
    • I find it really cool how the movie is centralised around jazz as that isn’t that popular of a genre, yet still was able to make the music enjoyable for everyone. But maybe that’s just jazz doing it’s thing
  • The cinematography, alongside the choreography result in every single musical number being that of a masterpiece, whether it be the simple “City of Stars” sung alone by Gosling or the much more complex “Someone in the Crowd.” Each song is spectacularly done in their own right.
  • The storyline itself is extremely interesting, compelling and tear-jerking
    • It follows your classic cliche, then it doesn’t, then it does and then it doesn’t again. It truly is well done
  • Not only are the musical numbers amazing, but the soundtrack for the film that uses samples of different songs in the backgrounds of their scene (some even before the original song has been played) makes it that much cooler. Trust me when I say you would want to watch this film a second time, I know I had the time of my life

I don’t recommend any film more than this one. I may be biased but this film has a place in my heart and life that is never going to be replaced. But hey, that might just be me, the eclectic musical drama student who sores at any amazing musical. However, I still believe that everybody should watch this film in their lifetime, at least once. Truly brilliant. 

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