Paws & Pens: The Captain

STUDENT SUBMISSION by PF grade 11!! It’s a short “spooky maritime tale” so please enjoy!

A violent storm was brewing off the coast of North Africa. Lightning flashed and winds howled. And for one lone sea Captain, this is what he was caught in. Water was splashing against his boat, and the winds threatened to rip his ship to shreds with their awesome speeds. The Captain had ignored the clouds brewing off the coast, and had decided to go fishing anyway. This was his mistake. The Captain was an imposing man. 6 foot 5 inches tall, dark hair and skin, stern eyes, a muscular build, and a phlegmatic attitude. On the shores, he was an imposing force. However offshore, he was at the mercy of the sea. With each wave and crest, the Captain fought against the tides, trying desperately to keep his poor ship on course to home. The Captain looked behind him, checking to see if anything had broken.

His supplies were sprawled out on the floor, that was to be expected. The ship’s mirror was intact, though that didn’t matter in the moment. He was close to home. He could feel it. The winds were building, and he would be doomed if he didn’t make it back soon. Suddenly, the sky split open with a violent bolt of lightning. This was nothing new to the Captain; thought he was slightly perturbed. He could have sworn that the sudden flash seemed… red. Unnatural. These ponderings quickly vanished, as another bolt of lightning illuminated another threat: a rogue wave, at least 30 feet tall! The Captain braced himself against the wheel of his ship. The impact was harsh and heavy, like a sledgehammer blow. The Captain was thrown back, and landed back first onto the floor. His breathing heavy, he was dazed. As he came to his senses, he felt… calm. And indeed, the storm had
ended, and the sea was dead. He breathed a sigh of relief. However suddenly, his ease and relief gave way to unease and caution. He felt he was being… watched. As if some unholy creature had risen from the depths; and had its eyes locked on the Captain. He stood up slowly, and looked outside through the windows. The sky was dark, yet the sea was calm as far as the eye could see. The storm had seemingly vanished. The Captain was on edge. He needed a moment to collect himself. He sauntered to the ship’s mirror, and frowned.

The mirror did its job, and showed the Captain his reflection. Slightly tossed dark hair, unemotional stern eyes… and a big, malicious grin.


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