Wolf Reads: The Great Gatsby

As I just joined the DP, I get to take part in the new English curriculum and that means I no longer have to analyse F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. Honestly, I feel a little bit jipped because of this – I was looking forward to having to analyse that story. So I decided to read the book on my own time anyway and I am really happy that I did because it was one of the first classics I actually enjoyed.

Classics books are especially niche, and some people absolutely can’t stand them so I guess you should take this review with a grain of salt, and it is just my opinion on the matter. That being said, let’s get into the review.

  • One of the best love stories of all time, with so many complexities and nuances interplaying with each other to create an extremely dynamic tale. 
  • That being said, it is a lot more than just a love story. There is so much more at play, with both commentaries on society and commentaries on life in general.
    • I didn’t get the opportunity to analyse it complete detail for class so my understanding probably isn’t as in depth as it could be, but even my own thoughts about the book were enough to pick up bits and pieces of what it’s trying to say
  • The style of writing, like most classics, is a lot different to the modern writing style and there is a certain appeal to the convolutions of the writing style.
  • The “Roaring 20s” is a really interesting time frame and just really fun to read about
  • The characters are very well written, each with their own individual flaws that make them unique; they’re not trying to be portrayed as perfect to get you to like them more
  • It provides an interesting perspective and point of view on being rich and living a life without a care in the world, and how that could possibly be a bad thing
  • It is very thought provoking with some very profound lines and quotes, one of the most famous ones being “Can’t change the past? Why, of course you can.”
  • Money really CAN’T buy everything

Now again I must I reiterate, this is just my opinion and I know many people really didn’t enjoy this book all that much, or much prefer the movie (maybe because of Leo Dicaprio). Some people find this book difficult or tedious to read or don’t pick up on the nuances, or simply don’t care enough. If you are a casual reader, then this book isn’t for you. However, if you are into in depth analyses and truly understanding what you are reading, then this book is for you.

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