Paws & Pens: On a Rainy Saturday Morning

Hey yall, we’re back!! So sorry for the disappearance, it’s been a busy couple of weeks :’) Again, if you have any creative work you would like to submit, please feel free to send me an email at! Enjoyyy

I notice her hair first,
Falling down her back in wet curls.
I know yours is cut short
But I still
See you.
She’s tall, like you.
She’s slender, like you.
She’s pale, like you.

I know I know I know
-I know all too well-
She isn’t you.
I know the way you walk
The way you dress
The way you wear your hair
The way you breathe
Is painfully different.
A stranger on the 8AM subway
Could never compare
To the intricacy by which
I know you.


My heart and my head
Are not telephone-lined,
They do not think in the language of
And until she turned around,
I had held my breath
Only to be suffocated with


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