Paws & Pens: Here and Now

a fantastic amazing thought-provoking wonderful superb STUDENT SUBMISSION FROM THOMAS G12. Enjoy!!


It’s the way things are–
they say.

The way it’s always been–
they say.

The System stuck,
the Revolution shrugged,
progress stunted,
and nostalgia marches across the pages of the news.

What dream of ours hasn’t been questioned by the very existence of oppression?

Even those of privilege and wealth lack the conscious and consciousness of everyone else.

But now we have–
masses mobilizing,
resistance returning,
and activists agitating.

As if calling back to our own nostalgia–
of Pankhurst and King
and Marx and Malcolm and when Guthrie used to sing.

When times were a-changing,
and there was trust–
in the young radicals of the time.

So right now,
why shouldn’t that be,


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