I haven’t been doing my do diligence as a good teenager and I haven’t been watching as many new movies as I should be to keep up these film reviews, but stay tuned because I promise I’ll get the Frozen 2 review out as soon as possible. For now, I am going to write a review on my all time favourite horror movie (since we just had Halloween and I didn’t jump on that train when I had the chance), which is Get Out. This movie is directed by one of my favourite directors Jordan Peele who is better known by his comedy duo Key and Peele.

As a disclaimer, it is a psychological thriller and if you are scared easily then I advise you not to watch this movie.

Let’s get right into the best parts:

  • There was a very good balance between horror and humour, utilising relief theory to its finest. This is probably due in fact to Peele’s hysterical Key and Peele acts though I am probably hella biased
  • It is intelligent horror rather than jumpscare or makeup/costume horror. Slightly reminiscent of The Silence of the Lambs in the sense that, being psychological horror, we are a lot more susceptible to being afflicted, making it far more real; far more terrifying.
  • Continuing on the thought of “far too real” the entire film was very realistic, with relatable characters (executed very well), the movie making the audience feel involved and immersed
  • The atmosphere was constructed in a way that was extremely subtle which made it all the more effective
    • The entire movie was built up with small things that are slightly out of the norm but not enough to set you over the edge. After you switch onto this fact and add all the small things together, you realise something isn’t right
  • As opposed to many horror films where people run head on into danger and leaving the audience wondering why in the world they did that, Get Out had that feeling where you understand why they did the things they did, or that you would have done the same thing.
  • From a less technical sense, this movie was also an extremely good social commentary on racism. This topic has been somewhat taboo and untouched for a long time since it is very difficult to handle the topic lightly. Peele stated that Get Out isn’t a film but a documentary. What he meant by this was the fact that the movie was supposed to bring to light the discrimination of black people. To illustrate the hardships that they go through every day simply because they are born different from what society defines as a “norm” even though a dynamic species such as humans can’t have one fundamental norm.

This movie will go down in history as one of the best modern psychological horror (or documentaries) of all time and will be regarded as one of the greats. It is truly a masterpiece and watching it is an amazing experience and if you are scared easily, test your gut on this brilliant movie. 

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