Paws & Pens: Lost in Memoriam

Student work by Sun G12!!!!


I don’t know why,
but every time I think of you
I finally feel calm again.

But you were so long ago,
Your face, it’s so hazy.
Your name, what’s your name?

I don’t even remember your name.

I could just almost grasp you,
and you melt in my hands
and I yearn for you.

I guess I’ll just call you Serenity, then.

I remember, no, I just know,

I want to go back,

To those happy days in the shade of the trees and,
the warm, rolling green hills like moulded cinnamon rolls that stretched on forever,
just like those mom liked to bake in the oven.

And replay it,
over and over and over and over,
basking in fireplace’s embers
and ringing laughter.

But I remember now.

You’re gone, aren’t you?

Maybe you never even existed.

I guess I just wanted,

I just wanted to hold you,
one last time,
for ever and ever.


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