KIS Reviews – Frozen 2

Again, I haven’t exactly been watching movies since I have decided to procrastinate almost everything. I did watch some movies though, and by some I mean two – but two is enough to write two reviews so here goes I guess! I watched Frozen 2 on the final day of school and it was a really good way to end the school year. Now, I am incredibly biased as a Disney fan but I think this might be, from a technical point of view, one of the best animated films of all time. True to Disney musical form, it had an amazing soundtrack in which I have had on repeat for a lonngggggg time. 

Some of the best parts:

  • The songs progressed the story but can still be listened to for all intensive purposes and I applaud it for that
    • The songs are also really fun to belt to your hearts fullest content and for that I am forever grateful
  • The animation style in terms of the characters, facial expressions and spectacular effects throughout the film were really really impressive
  • The ever present background animations were also very impressive in the same sense that Moana was. The slow sway of the trees, the crushing tidal waves, the river, the snow almost everything was accounted for and didn’t go unaccounted for.
  • There was some fitting character development throughout the film where you can see Disney’s emphasis on love that isn’t romantic but through family bonds instead
  • Kristoff’s song is to die for
  • The plot itself was kind of lacking, but for the target audience of young to early teenagers it was definitely sufficient
    • The lack of a specific villain did leave the films plot needing a little since the film was dealing with issues formed in the past. Though it still worked well enough so I won’t hold it entirely against the film
  • Did I mention the animation is possibly the best of all time. In part because of the technological advances in the field but they saw their opportunity and they seized it so mad props

Overall this film was really really fun, it looked stunning and had really solid musical scenes that were hilarious or impressive. It is for younger audiences so the plot isn’t too deep, but the message that it is sending and the fashion that it sends the message in is very effective and I would recommend this movie to anybody that has a Disney background since I think this is the epitome of Disney and where the franchise is heading in the future.


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