Cricket Report

On Feb 11 a group of cricket enthusiasts from secondary played the teachers in an inaugural modified version of cricket.  In reality it was the Indian Invitational side v Rusty and Creaky former cricketers, and Mr Park.  

The match almost proved to be as exciting as last year’s world cup final with many ebbs and flows, although the students did eventually claim an important ( yet very lucky) victory.  Sanskar and Mr Carl vied for the fastest bowler award and Yash and Mr Xavier for best chuckers! Most importantly the game was played in good spirit, and this was primarily due to the strong umpiring display by Mr Rhys. Mr Mark, was tempted, but refrained, to remind the boys that NZ had beaten the Indian team, the world’s number one ranked side, at the recent world cup semi-final and had also recently whitewashed them in a series in NZ.   Librarian Ben, was at one point seen with sandpaper in his pocket, but eventually made the right choice to play in a fair and principled manner, which was quite unaustralian.

Watch this space for the rematch!


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  1. Aaryan Mishra says:

    we want a rematch


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