KIS Spotlight: Poetry Club

  • What is the name of your group?

Poetry Club

  • What are the things that you guys do in your group? Do you have a mission?

The self-oriented goal is based on one’s passion regarding poetry. – Riya G11

My personal goal is to develop his skills for writing poems, the group’s goal is to work together and provide feedback to make each other’s poem the best quality. – Selina G11

  • How often do you meet up? When?

Every week during lunch on Thursday for 20 minutes.

  • What do you do to promote yourselves? How can I help contribute to the group (e.g. donations, volunteering)? 

We always publish a book at the end which has two works of poetry from each of the poetry and all KIS students can access it.’ / International opportunities – Riya G11

By writing about things that are personal. Expression of my own thoughts, point of view and identity in terms of poems – Selina G11

  • Who should I contact if i were to join the club?

Please contact Mr Rhys (

– Aadi 


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