KIS Opinion: Disadvantage of Using Vapes

DISCLAIMER: this is an opinion piece. KIS Today, or KIS International School does not endorse or disapprove the messages or opinions that is presentED in this article.

Disadvantage of Using Vapes

We all go through it, excessive stress over unwanted high school issues, too many assignments due with not enough time, problems within your personal life, getting a bad grade, the list goes on; but in these situations, people find solutions to overcome their problems, some involving coping with them in the same way that would cause more problems in the near future. For example, the use of vapes, nicotine and/or e-cigarettes. As the usage of nicotine through vapes, juuls or e-cigarettes rises amongst teenagers, the awareness of its disadvantages is compulsory. So how exactly do these e-cigarettes work? They produce an aerosol (tiny particles or droplets suspended in air) by heating a liquid that is normally subdued in nicotine, flavorings and other harmful chemicals such as propylene glycol and glycerin. The users inhale this aerosole into their lungs and exhale, which also goes inside bystanders receiving this second-hand smoke or aerosol. E-cigarettes or vapes are also used to deliver marijuana and other drugs at times. High usage of nicotine itself puts adolescents in high risk of damaged brain development as well as extensive addiction, along with harming specific parts of the brain that control learning, mood and attention; three of the most important aspects of teenage life in school and outside of school. There are also synapses (Each time a new memory is created or a new skill is learned, stronger connections are built between brain cells) which changes the way these synapses are formed. Not going into much depth, a quick recap – taking in the aerosol of e-cigarettes is nowhere near to ‘water vapor’ and contain many cancer-causing chemicals that are extremely harmful to teenagers in terms of brain development and addiction, which becomes heavier as time goes by and also harmful to bystanders who take in the exhale, as the smoke reaches to the lungs of both the user and the bystander. 




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