SC Update: Term 1 2020-21

In the past term, the Student Council has mainly been focused on organizing fun events to (hopefully) brighten up these dreary COVID-19 times. Of course, we do have to keep in mind social distancing procedures to ensure that everyone is as safe as possible, for example, wearing gloves to distribute food to students, planning a designated eating area with distanced seating, and ensuring that there is plenty of hand sanitizer, tissues, and trash cans to go around. 

Our first event of the year was helping to run the house captain elections, followed by the House Captain Lip Sync Competition. From there we had our Halloween Haunted house, Diwali party, and lastly the most recent holiday/ Christmas party! All this in addition to running the bi-weekly assemblies and working with the Habitat for Humanity and Operation Smile service groups to organize casual Fridays and other fundraising events (for example, the holiday party mentioned earlier was actually catered by the two service groups, in addition to Tangmo from G10). So as you can see, we’ve been rather busy!

Though we can’t say it was all an easy ride, any student could probably tell you that some assemblies could have definitely been handled better, but recently, we’ve been getting the hang of it, hopefully, you’ll see our improvement in future assemblies. 

As for other general updates, in this term we welcomed two new members to the student council, our supervisor Mr, Tri, and an additional grade 9 representative, Richard. We are also currently working on finding a viable alternative ever since the Social Media Challenge was abolished, we did try out a House Handshake Challenge (which was not very effective, and pretty much the same thing as the SMC we just scrapped) so if you have any suggestions please feel free to dm us on Instagram @SCKIS, email us at, or just talk directly to any of your grade-level representatives.

Lastly, students may have been noticing a trend in our most recent events, for example, the Diwali Party, or the 4 Casual Fridays we’ve had (and 1 upcoming one!) which were all free. Essentially, we’ve been trying to charge less. From now on, we hope to make most events, including parties and casual Fridays free, or with low entry fees (ie. the Christmas party, which was 20B for entry). This will definitely be a challenge with our budget, but we do have a very capable treasurer (Earth G11), so please look forward to our events in the future!

– Student Council


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