KIS Spotlight: Personal Project

Personal Project helps to guide students to pursue their personal interest and take a further step onto turning their dreams into reality. This project allows students to express themselves through their final product. Luckily, we had the chance to interview one of the students from grade 10, about her topic on personal project and how she feels about this task.

What is your topic? Your global context?

  • My topic is to create an indie song. I paired my topic with the global context duration

Why did you choose this topic? Any inspirations?

  • I chose this topic because I always wanted to make a song. I have never made a song before and the idea of composing something that I would be proud of from scratch always stood out to me. 

What’s your final product?

  • My final product will be an indie song. With my song, I will then compare it to see how indie music has developed over the years and where in the timeline my song would go. 

Do you believe Personal Project is even necessary? Will it in any way help you out in the future?

  • I believe that this song will not be necessary but relevant as I am very passionate about music. I have already created melodies which I found very enjoyable. Taking this knowledge, I believe that I will continue producing music for fun which is why this project will still be relevant to me due to the skills I will learn. 

How do you feel about Personal Project in general? What’s been challenging so far? Any tips or tricks for others?

  • I feel like Personal Project is all about time management. If you have good time management and do not procrastinate, Personal Project is a very easy task due to the amount of time you have. As a result, I feel like it is very challenging to me. So the biggest tip for doing the personal project is to have really good time management and work on it from time to time making sure not to leave everything to the last moments.

– Jayden Shoobridge G10


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