Wonder Egg Priority Review


Wonder egg priority is weird. Really weird, it’s the kind of show that after finishing the first episode you wonder what the hell happened. An original anime coming from the fairly new although quite distinguished Cloverworks studio which has worked on titles such as Darling in the Franxx, Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai, Fate Grand Order and The Promised Neverland. 

This however distinguishes itself from it’s sibling serieses as it explores darker themes such as depression, bullying, anxiety, loneliness and regret. This should serve as a content warning as this show will not be for everyone and at times hit a bit too close to home for my liking. 

So what is it about, you ask? Wonder Egg Priority as I have already said is a very weird show. It is essentially about a group of complicated teenagers who have the ability to purchase something called a wonder egg which allows them to travel to a dreamworld and save someone from a manifestation of their inner turmoil using various objects either from the person they are trying to save or they have an object which is personal to them. These objects are all given some kind of power and allow the group of teenagers to destroy the manifestations. They are trying to save these people because they have been told by a mysterious entity that if they save enough people then it can bring back someone important to the main characters. 

Our protagonist is a lonely girl affected by heterochromia called Ai Ohto. We travel alongside her and her adventures with her friends along with their struggles and journey through their personal traumas. Another thing this show does amazingly well is the artwork of this Anime. This anime is a gorgeous one with amazing animation and a very light and varied colour palette which contrasts very well with the almost body horror aspect of the show. The character designs are distinct and look very good, as well as breaking out of the common criticism for their parent studio A1 of the characters all looking the same. The soundtrack of the show is very surreal and almost hypnotic in a way and fits the show very well especially when our heroes are transported to the dreamscape to fight the manifestations. 

This show provides a nice contrast to the more traditional shows of this season such as Horimiya, or Attack on Titan, however this is a thinking person’s show and I mean no disrespect when I say this. If you enjoy looking deeper into the possible meanings and symbolisms behind the imagery dialog and message of the show then I would wholly recommend. 

In conclusion Wonder Egg Priority is not for everyone, as I previously mentioned those who might be offended by the aforementioned topics might want want to steer clear, however those who do not mind should definitely check the show out for the brilliant art, sublime music composition, fascinating world building, an intriguing backstory as well as a mysterious backstory for all of the characters and the tackling of deeply personal and traumatic issues for some people. If it continues at the quality and level it has been going at so far then I will have no issues giving it a 10 and making it one of my all time favorite anime. 


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