KIS Spotlight: Operation Smile

In this series of KIS Spotlight, we look at extracurricular activities that takes place in KIS. To start things off, we begin with Operation Smile. 

Operation Smile is an international organization that provides surgeries and care for children with cleft palates and lips. These children have openings/splits in their upper lip, which can be caused by both genetic conditions, or more commonly, birth defects. Because of their condition, it is difficult for them to perform basic everyday tasks that require the use of their mouths; even simply drinking is an arduous task for these children. Fortunately, cleft palates and lips can easily and scarlessly be fixed with surgeries. What is unfortunate is that the people we help out with Operation Smile aren’t able to get surgeries on their own, so it is of critical importance to us to provide it for them, and when we can’t, try to help them get through their daily lives to the best of our abilities.

The Operation Smile Club here at KIS started in 2019, and since then, we have been doing our best to fulfil our promises to the children. Just last year, we hosted two events, including the candy-in-a-box guessing game for Halloween and a basketball shootout event, to help raise funds for Operation Smile. While two events in a year might sound lacklustre, our team also participated in various other school events throughout the year like the Christmas party, helping to raise even more funds, as well as spread awareness about the issue of cleft palates and lips. We ultimately raised ~20,000 THB, which is currently being used to purchase supplies for both pre-operation and post-operation children as we speak. Later this year (if the pandemic situation gets better), we will try our best to join the Operation Smile expeditions, where our members will have the opportunity to help out in the family screening process, and even get to see the surgeries firsthand.

On 12:30 P.M. – 1:00 P.M. every Wednesday, we will have a meeting with the whole Operation Smile Club to discuss our next course of action. These will be held at Mr. Aaron’s room, or on a Google Meet linked in an email if we continue to learn online. Right now, we’re working on fun upcoming events for the entire school, and would love to have your input. Operation Smile currently only has twenty members, so we’re hoping to see some new faces this year. If you’re interested in helping us make a difference for these children, you can come and join Operation Smile by notifying any of our members. A little late lunch on Wednesday really goes a long way. We hope to see you in the next meeting!

Activity Name: Operation Smile

Student Organiser: Club President –  Franek ( )


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