KIS Spotlight: Debate Club at EISMUN

In this series of KIS Spotlight, we look at extracurricular activities that takes place in KIS. This time we take a peek at the Debate Club, and the experiences that its members had at EISMUN XIV. 

EISMUN XIII was a valuable experience for the members of our Debate Club that attended the conference in October. As two out of the four delegates we sent were completely new to MUN, they got a chance to experience it for the first time and practice the skills they gained during Debate Club to good use. This conference helped our delegates engage with current issues and come up with creative solutions to them but also develop critical thinking, public speaking, improvisation, research, and collaborative skills. And on top of that, have a lot of fun while doing it. KIS also sent two chairs, one for the Historical Security Council and another for the Special Political and Decolonisation Committee. The role of chair brings additional responsibility, such as working out a schedule and moderating a room full of teenagers, that we hope more of our club members will be able to experience and learn from in the future. Both delegates and chairs enjoyed a fruitful and fun conference planned by the lovely people at EISMUN and were able to further adjust themselves to the virtual environment that seems to be the norm for MUN conferences in the foreseeable future. Two of our delegates, Padmavathi (Padma) Gopinath and Arth Tak, both received an honorable mention for best delegate, and we would like to congratulate them on this achievement. We, as the KIS Debate Club, look forward to the next EISMUN and any other MUN conferences that may come our way. 

–  Ray Power and Anbie Lee, Co-Presidents of the KIS Debate Club

In these trying times of the pandemic, EISMUN club stands true to its vision of not only providing students with the opportunity to exercise their public speaking and enhance their knowledge through debating the world’s issues, but also to provide opportunities to those who are the most in need. We have since hosted the EISMUN XIII local conference and the EISMUN XIV inter-school conference, raising 27,700 baht to help feed and clothe orphans in need at Barn Sarng San Dek (บ้านสร้างสรรค์เด็ก). We put our best effort into these fundraisers and appreciate the KIS delegates and chairs for helping us bring our vision to life. The 3 KIS delegates brought the committees to life while the 2 KIS chairs were notable for bringing out the best in their respective delegates.

– Thammathorn Paweewan,  EISMUN Secretary General

Activity Name: KIS Debate Club

Student Organiser: Club Co-Presidents –  Anbie, Ray

Special Thanks to: EIS MUN Club (@eismunclub)


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