About KIS Today

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KIS Today is the one and only student-run news site. We aim to provide KIS students with the latest news and updates about our school. We are also an online community, being an entertainment centre and a place where spirit is promoted.

KIS Today is jointly run by the KIS Today Journalism Team and the KIS Student Council. The Student Council of KIS International School is an elected body that aims to serve the entire school community by representing the students, hosting events and competitions, and acting as the intermediary between the school administration and the student body. On the other hand, the KIS Today Journalism Team comprises of the best student writers in the school community.

Administrative Team

Editor in Chief:  Itsuki

Editor: Yash 






History of KIS Today

List of Editor in Chiefs

1. Mathis (Ken) Lohatepanont (CO’17) — 2015-16

2. Ayesha (Ashe) Aziz (CO’17) — 2015-16

3. Emilia Brugnano (CO’18) — 2015-16

4. Saloni More (CO’19) — 2016-18

5. Ishita (Ishi) Kapoor (CO’20) — 2018-19

6. Sharon Kisubi (CO’21) — 2019-20

7. Itsuki Yamaguchi (CO’22) — 2020 – 


Wall of Fame (Past Members)

Ken (CO’17), Por (CO’17), Ashe (CO’17),

Krit (CO’18),  Minsue (CO’18),

Petra (CO’19), Saloni (CO’19), Avi (CO’19), Janice (CO’19), Li (CO’19)

 Anthea, Adriana, Andrea, Vivi














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