About Student Council


The Student Council of KIS International School is an elected body that aims to serve the entire school community by representing the students, hosting events and competitions, and acting as the intermediary between the school administration and the student body. We aim to make sure that the voices of the students are heard, and also to make sure that the events throughout the school year are as fun as possible. The student interest is always in our mind.


2016-2017 Members

History of KIS Student Council

# Year President Vice President
1 2006-2007 Shanese Man
2 2007-2008 Putter Boom
3 2008-2009 Ishan Aayush
4 2009-2010 Liew Shanese
5 2010-2011 Putter Manit
6 2011-2012 Putter Pao
7 2012-2013 Kook Nod
8 2013-2014 Angel Kun
9 2014-2015 Nod Pranav
10 2015-2016 Pranav Ken
11 2016-2017 Ken Emily