Wai Kru Day

The following article was written by Prince (G10). There’s a Thai saying, “Attaching gold leaf to the back of the Buddha statue”, coming from the tradition of attaching the gold leaf to the statue in common merit -making rituals around Thailand. As such, those who decorate the front of the statue would surely be observed…

Wolf Reads #45

Welcome to the first Wolf Reads post of 2019! This week, rather than traditionally published books, here are some interesting stories you can find on Wattpad.

Happy Children’s Day!

Today is Children’s Day, the perfect opportunity to fully appreciate being young (although it’s ideal that you appreciate your youth on a regular basis. Hey, time flies by really fast). So here’s to all the laughter, the squeals and the screams; the procrastination, the stress and the pretending-to-do-work-and-adults-falling-for-it-because-we’re-better-at-using-technology-than-them. Enjoy it while you can. Have a…

SMC: #decemberbreak

This month’s SMC is called #decemberbreak! Post pictures on Instagram of what you did over the break. Please use the hashtags #sckis #kishouse (for e.g. #kistosakan) and #decemberbreak. If you don’t have Instagram, you can send us an email at kis-student-council@edu.kis.ac.th. The house with the most submissions will win 50 points.

ALUMNI UPDATES: Putt Pitakjamnong

This month, I interviewed Putt Pitakjamnong (CO’12). Putt currently works in advertising as a commercial film director, for a company called The Film Factory. The Film Factory is one of the most reputed production companies in Thailand. In addition to that, he has won numerous awards for his films. Here’s what he had to say!

Casual Friday: Christmas

This Friday will be a Casual Friday, the theme being Christmas (pretty obvious from the title).

Christmas Gala

This Friday (December 7), Student Council will be a Christmas Gala held in the gym during lunchtime. There will be tonnes of free food and games so please come and join us!

Father’s Day Casual Tuesday

In honour of Father’s Day this Wednesday, the Thai department has organised a Casual Tuesday on December 4. You may wear a yellow shirt but must wear the school uniform’s trousers or skirt. Featured image by Prince (G10).

ALUMNI UPDATES: Naomi de Vries

This month’s Alumni Update features Naomi de Vries (CO’15). Here’s what she had to say! Note: This interview was conducted by Ms. Linda.