KIS Spotlight: Poetry Club

What is the name of your group? Poetry Club What are the things that you guys do in your group? Do you have a mission? The self-oriented goal is based on one’s passion regarding poetry. – Riya G11 My personal goal is to develop his skills for writing poems, the group’s goal is to work…

Project Pink

Project Pink is an international club that was initially set up to provide people with a reliable means of donating hair to cancer patients. This is because most donated hair ends up in storage due to the high wig-making costs, which impedes its production. To solve this, we partnered with the National Cancer Institute. KIS…

Basketball Competition!

Operation Smile is organising a basketball fund raising event on the 1st of December, where students have the chance to compete for prices by completing free-throws! It will only cost you 20 Baht to sign up and the money will go to Operation Smile  Please contact for more info.

Casual Friday

On Friday the 27th of November, our friends at Habitat for Humanity have organised a Casual Friday to raise funds for their operations! The theme is “earth colours” and it’ll only cost you 20 baht! 

Mr. Tri & Mr. Tan Visit

Grade 11 psychology students are currently studying the topic of acculturation— a process that individuals undergo when they are adapting to a new culture, including all the psychological changes that come with it.  To discuss some specifics regarding acculturation, according to psychologist John Berry there are 4 acculturation strategies individuals can develop based on their…

Diwali: The Festival of Light

Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, the moment where each face turns into a blissful smile, the day when Indian culture becomes the reflection of our souls, the time when there is victory of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance.  So when is Diwali? The festival typically takes place some time…

Casual Friday: Diwali

A Diwali celebration is being held in the auditorium on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13th (12:20-13:00). A Casual Friday is also being hosted, theme BRIGHT COLOURS (Casual Friday/Food and Drinks served at the auditorium is FREE!!)