KIS SPOTLIGHT: Personal Project (Oscar)

I’m back again with another personal project interview, with this time’s victim being Oscar! Oscar is doing a very unique personal project, which is very personal to him. This could hopefully serve as an idea for anyone watching…?

KIS SPOTLIGHT: Personal Project (Palm)

Here is the first official victim of the year, Palm! Our Palm here is doing a service based personal project and this video should be  helpful(?) for anyone looking to do a similar project next year (looking at you Grade 9s). If not, we can enjoy Palm’s face for 59 seconds!  

KIS SPOTLIGHT: G10 Personal Project

It’s that time of the year for the Grade 10s again, a time of suffering, overall lack of sleep, and death. That’s right; it’s time for personal projects. As a representative of those soon-to-be-suffering Grade 10s, I have made it my mission to interview my friends in the form of short 1-2 minute videos about…