Welcome back to another KIS Spotlight! Today, you will find out more about our new MYP science teacher, Mr. Richard!

KIS SPOTLIGHT: Personal Project (Pear)

I’m back again with another personal project video! Since I was short on time, I only managed to interview one person; Pear. You may have seen Pear walking around, attempting to sell her shirt. Well, that’s her personal project. I have also made changes to the format of the interview. Due to the fact that…

Happy New Year!

Welcome back to another wonderful semester. Best of all, it’s the start of a New Year! For (hopefully) most of you, this means a fresh start, a chance to wipe the slate clean and start again. Although I’d like to point out that you can change your ways anytime during the year. Anyway, we (the…

Relative Humor

The following article was written by Jaa (G9). “Omg broooo, isn’t this just so relatable? 😀 😀 😀 ” you caption your DM to your brother and your best friend as you forward the post you found on your Instagram feed. Five minutes later, your phone buzzes back. Your brother responds, “Why are you sending me…

Let’s Taco bout it

The following article was written by Anfield (G9). Jello everyone, nice to meat you. WHAT?!?! HOW IS THAT NOT FUNNY? It seems as if you don’t carrot all? Well, lets not taco bout it anymore. C’mon, laugh a little…no? Well, ok, I’ll stop. But seriously, you probably wondered at some point, what makes someone funnier…

KIS SPOTLIGHT: Personal Project (Oscar)

I’m back again with another personal project interview, with this time’s victim being Oscar! Oscar is doing a very unique personal project, which is very personal to him. This could hopefully serve as an idea for anyone watching…?

KIS SPOTLIGHT: Personal Project (Palm)

Here is the first official victim of the year, Palm! Our Palm here is doing a service based personal project and this video should be  helpful(?) for anyone looking to do a similar project next year (looking at you Grade 9s). If not, we can enjoy Palm’s face for 59 seconds!  

After School Signups!

What better way to spend your time after school than running on the field? Or perhaps you prefer expressing yourself through monologues and performances? Regardless, there’s an after school club that’s just the right fit for you. To register for a club, click here. Signups close on August 20th.


Welcome back, everyone! A new school year also means a fresh new start for the KIS Today Team! We’re looking forward to bringing you exciting new content from different fields including world news, music, psychology, sports, entertainment and much more. As always if you feel like you want to write something interesting for the school community,…