The Wolf’s Howl |20S|

Hi there. So this week, we’ve got a couple more recommendations from some other G12s, including some from myself 🙂

DP VLOGS – Episode 2

DP Vlogs (recording a DP student’s everyday life); a new series that we started. We still honestly have no idea how to format this, so do give us suggestions 🙂  

Wolf Reads #34

This week, some more poetry. The Dark Between The Stars “She walked through her life from the mighty wings upon her back.” After writing a best-selling poetry book, Atticus is back again with another poetry book. This time he discusses life experiences instead. The combination of our best moments in life brought together with the…

The Wolf’s Howl |14S|

Hey y’all! Sorry for the awkward posting schedule for the Wolf’s Howl, I’m just trying to find the best for you guys 🙂 Enjoy and feel free to recommend any songs! Childish Gambino – Feels like Summer Artist(s): Childish Gambino Album: Feels Like Summer Single Released: 2018 Genre: R&B Thoughts: Summer is still alive with Childish Gambino’s…

#RELATABLE: Personal Project Edition

Hello! I am back with another Relatables, in Personal Project edition! I interviewed some g10 students to ask them how they felt about the personal project, let’s see what they have to say:

Wolf Reads #32

This week, check out these books discussing the importance of relationships in all aspects! Between the Shades of Gray by Ruta Sepetys “Have you ever wondered what a human life is worth? That morning, my brother’s was worth a pocket watch.” Imagine having your life taken away when you are just fifteen-years-old. Lina Vilkas was detached…

The Wolf’s Howl |24A|

Hello everyone! First of all, welcome back to school you guys. Hope your summer was fun, relaxing and “productive” (I know that’s not true). Now that we’ve been back to school for about two weeks, the summer holidays feel like a distant memory of the past. So what better way to ease into the increasingly…

#RELATABLE: First Day Of School

It’s the first day of school and you are exhausted because you ended up sleeping at 12 am even though you planned on sleeping early.. BUT HEY, you get to meet all your friends and finally look at the class lists 🙂 When you find out you’re in the same class as your friends: …Or…

Have a great summer!

It’s a wrap! Have a wonderful summer, get loads of rest, read tonnes of books and perhaps binge-watch a few TV shows. See you in August! Featured image by Monet (G11).