The Wolf’s Howl |24J|

This edition of Wolf’s Howl is brought to you by…. INDIE ARTISTS ! Enjoy 🙂 Happy – Roy Blair Artist: Roy Blair Album: Cat Heaven Year: 2017 Thoughts: I honestly don’t know why I didn’t mention Roy Blair sooner. The angsty-sounding and boy-band-lead singing voice is iconic and timeless with all his melodies and music….

The Wolf’s Howl |16J|

Hey y’all, welcome back!! Here’s some new music for y’all!!! Ariana Grande – 7 rings Artist: Ariana Grande Album: 7 Rings (Single) Genre: pop Thoughts: With clear trap-inspired melody and music, “Young Ariana” “came through” and stunned many with “7 Rings”. Clearly embracing a new era to which she confidently dances and wears impressive costume,…

The Wolf’s Howl |10J|

Hey y’all, we are back with another Wolf’s Howl article. Since its the first one of the year (and happy new year to you guys!!), let’s take a look back at all the top and popular songs that either haunts you of or makes you long for the year that was 2018 :))   Childish…

The Wolf’s Howl |13D| (Holiday Edition)

Hi! This article does not have the usual reviews and is more of a compilation of Christmas-themed recommendations from all over the school (and myself), so give these a listen for some holiday spirit 🙂

The Wolf’s Howl |7D|

Sorry for the late and very confusing uploading schedule, y’all! This week is brought to you by all “New Music”, might as well call this “New Music Friday™” even though Spotify took that already 🙂 I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes) – The 1975 Artist(s): The 1975 Year: 2018 Genre: Alternative/Indie Thoughts:  To all the emo kids who love…

The Wolf’s Howl |4D|

Hello there 🙂 This week’s article is all about mellow sounds, so read on (and listen) for some good music.

#RELATABLE: 10 things every KIS student can relate to

When you go to Spanish class and say “Puedo ir al ba-” and your response is “NO. SIENTATE” Literally the pain of looking at your Managebac and everything is just red. Hey, at least Wednesday at KIS means pancakes! But then, sometimes it means french toast instead… When it’s a Tuesday and you already feel…

Wolf Reads #42

This week, lets have a read of some great books that have turned into movies.  Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert “Your emotions are the slave to your thoughts, and you are the slave to your emotions.”  After going through a midlife crisis when she turned thirty, Elizabeth Gilbert took a profound decision. Despite having…

Paws & Pens: May Flowers Bloom On Your Birthday

May flowers bloom on your birthday, For you are the light sun and the spring rain. Your smile chases dark clouds away; Your smile erases my pain. May birds sing for you on your birthday, For your beauty inspires ode upon ode. Your eyes are bright, warm as rays, And your fair skin fairly glowed….