The Wolf’s Howl |16J|

Hey y’all, welcome back!! Here’s some new music for y’all!!! Ariana Grande – 7 rings Artist: Ariana Grande Album: 7 Rings (Single) Genre: pop Thoughts: With clear trap-inspired melody and music, “Young Ariana” “came through” and stunned many with “7 Rings”. Clearly embracing a new era to which she confidently dances and wears impressive costume,…

The Wolf’s Howl |10J|

Hey y’all, we are back with another Wolf’s Howl article. Since its the first one of the year (and happy new year to you guys!!), let’s take a look back at all the top and popular songs that either haunts you of or makes you long for the year that was 2018 :))   Childish…

The Wolf’s Howl |13D| (Holiday Edition)

Hi! This article does not have the usual reviews and is more of a compilation of Christmas-themed recommendations from all over the school (and myself), so give these a listen for some holiday spirit 🙂

The Wolf’s Howl |7D|

Sorry for the late and very confusing uploading schedule, y’all! This week is brought to you by all “New Music”, might as well call this “New Music Friday™” even though Spotify took that already 🙂 I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes) – The 1975 Artist(s): The 1975 Year: 2018 Genre: Alternative/Indie Thoughts:  To all the emo kids who love…

The Wolf’s Howl |4D|

Hello there 🙂 This week’s article is all about mellow sounds, so read on (and listen) for some good music.

The Wolf’s Howl |15N|

Sorry for the late post, but here is another edition of Wolf’s Howl! Today many of these song suggestions will be cover songs, enjoy 🙂 Daniel Caesar and Shannon Dooks – Dream A Little Dream of Me Artist(s):  Daniel Caesar, Shannon Dooks Original Song: Dream a little dream of me – Ella Fitzgerald & Louis…

The Wolf’s Howl |18O|

Hey everyone! Hope you’re all having a great week. To make your week even better, read on for a new set of song suggestions (which all are rated 7/7) by yours truly 🙂

The Wolf Howl |12O|

Hey!!! Sorry for the short and late post, hope you guys enjoy some of these suggestions! Joji – Slow Dancing in the Dark   Artist(s): Joji Album: BALLADS 1 Year: 2018 Thoughts: Slow Dancing in the Dark is a really good song to get a mix of both chill and relaxing melody as well as a…

The Wolf’s Howl |27S|

Redefining boyband as a boyband, Brockhampton is shaping the new wavelengths of rap and hip hop. From Merlyn Woods screaming his name at the top of his lungs to Robert Ontenient speaking Spanish in a skit once in a while, the group’s diversity in style is one of the many things that make them the…

The Wolf’s Howl |20S|

Hi there. So this week, we’ve got a couple more recommendations from some other G12s, including some from myself 🙂