Project Pink

Project Pink is an international club that was initially set up to provide people with a reliable means of donating hair to cancer patients. This is because most donated hair ends up in storage due to the high wig-making costs, which impedes its production. To solve this, we partnered with the National Cancer Institute. KIS…

Basketball Competition!

Operation Smile is organising a basketball fund raising event on the 1st of December, where students have the chance to compete for prices by completing free-throws! It will only cost you 20 Baht to sign up and the money will go to Operation Smile  Please contact for more info.

Casual Friday

On Friday the 27th of November, our friends at Habitat for Humanity have organised a Casual Friday to raise funds for their operations! The theme is “earth colours” and it’ll only cost you 20 baht! 

Casual Friday: Diwali

A Diwali celebration is being held in the auditorium on FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13th (12:20-13:00). A Casual Friday is also being hosted, theme BRIGHT COLOURS (Casual Friday/Food and Drinks served at the auditorium is FREE!!)


IT’S SPOOKY SZN AND THAT MEANS sitting around drinking overpriced pumpkin lattes in hoodies and sweats while waiting for Halloween. To spice your school life and raise your Halloween spirits, the service club offers some spooky and freaky Halloween treats on the upcoming “Trick ‘o Treat” bake sale. You can get a gross rendition of…

Thoughtfully, X: Graduation

For the last Thoughtfully, X article of the year, this is a compilation of messages from the graduating class of CO’19. Buckle up because this is one LONG article. Nothing has been anonymised but for old times’ sake, don’t give into judgement, just read.

World Scholar’s Cup 2019

The weekend of March 23-25 was an im-pwaa-ssibly exciting weekend. I suppose this is what you might call a ‘nerd convention’ upon first sight. I can assure you, it is very much so. But it’s much more than that. On the morning of March 23, twenty one KIS students marched bravely into Brighton College, where…

KIS First Softball Tournament!

KIS’s first house softball tournament will take place on April 30th, May 2nd and May 3rd. The rules of the tournament are as follows: The first set of games starts at 12:35 and ends at 12:47 for Grades 6 to 8.  The second set of games starts at 12:48 and ends at 1:00 for Grades 9…

Student Council Candidates (2019-20)

Here is the full list of candidates who will be running for Student Council 2019-20. Elections will be taking place this Thursday during advisory.