Literary Lunch on Thursday!

Does the smell of books invigorate you? Do you have a penchant for discussion? Do you absolutely love food? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you should DEFINTELY come to this week’s Literary Lunch!

Teachers VS Students Basketball Match

The following article was written by Iya (G8). On November 20th, SC is hosting a Teachers vs. Students basketball match! This is the PERFECT opportunity for all you students to DEFEAT your teachers! The details are as below: It will be held at the MYP basketball court during period 5 assembly. Eight players must be…

SMC Update

Here’s an update on the SMC for October and Halloween.


CO’20 invites students from grades 9-12 to this year’s MORP, Afterglow. Date: Friday, 16th November Time: 5:30 pm – 9:30 pm Theme: Glow in the Dark Location: KIS Auditorium Dress code: Casual Ticket price: 480 THB (food and drinks will be provided) However, you all are recommended to bring along some money as there will be…

ALUMNI UPDATES: Por Jaijongkit

This month, I interviewed Por Jaijongkit (CO’17). Por is currently a sophomore studying at Emory University located in Atlanta, Georgia in the US of A. Here’s what she had to say!

Casual Friday: Halloween

Tomorrow is a Casual Friday! Dress up in the spookiest, scariest outfit you can think of! (Or you can be lazy and just wear black.)

Thoughtfully, X: Break Free

This month’s speaker talks about overcoming negativity to become a happier, more positive person. It was, by no means, an easy path to take. Obstacles had to be overcome, society defied, and insecurities conquered. I suggest that you don’t try to guess who this speaker is, don’t give into judgement, just read.

Halloween Party!

There will be a Halloween party hosted by KISPA and Student Council on Friday after-school.

Casual Friday: Autumn

There will be a Casual Friday this week. The theme is autumn! It will cost 20 Baht as usual.