Spirit Week 2019!

As per tradition, Spirit Week is coming up!  When? Next week! You are probably wondering about the themes by now… well, here it is! If you are confused about any themes, here are some clarification: Mono Monday: Wear a color that’s monotone! Black, White or Grey are all perfect : )  Twinsies Tuesday: Wear similar…

Snow Cones for Sale!

The following article was written by Gunn (G6). We are G6 students fundraising for WFFT for our service project! We will be selling snow cones (Thai shaved ice) at the price of 20 baht, and 30 baht for extra toppings in front of the auditorium during the Battle of the Bands. If you want to…

Football Tournament: Finals!

Here are the results for today’s match! Thank you to everyone whom has participated in this tournament! The final results are the following; Congratulations to Erawan for winning first place! The following points will be awarded; First Place: 250 pts Second Place: 200 pts Third Place: 150 pts Fourth Place: 100 pts

Football Tournament Day 4

Here are the results for today’s matches! Congratulations to Tosakan for winning third place, and Hanuman for winning fourth place! Tomorrow’s match (finals):— Erawan vs Naga —

Football Tournament: Day 1

Today marked the first day of the football tournament! Here’s some more detail about the scoring AND today’s standings.

House Football Competition

Message from SC: There’s a HOUSE FOOTBALL COMPETITION coming up next week!! ⚽️⚽️ Sign up with your house captains for the days you want to participate, get ready everyone!! 😊👍🏻 The event will fun from 4th-8th March at 12:38-1:00pm (lunch break) at the Secondary School Football Field. Come support your house! 💚💛💙💜 Featured Image: Poster…

SC Update of the week!

Here are a few updates from SC: 1. Social Media Challenge: The #kisvalentines social media challenge is still ongoing! Click here (https://kistodaynews.com/2019/02/06/smc-valentines-day/) for further details.  2. Mix Up: Mix up tickets are on sale now! The tickets can be bought from Fah or Pavan. Each ticket cost 100 baht! 3. Football Tournament: SC is organizing a house football tournament from…