Teachers VS Students Basketball Match

The following article was written by Iya (G8). On November 20th, SC is hosting a Teachers vs. Students basketball match! This is the PERFECT opportunity for all you students to DEFEAT your teachers! The details are as below: It will be held at the MYP basketball court during period 5 assembly. Eight players must be…

SMC: #kisgrateful

This month’s social media challenge is all about being grateful!

Diwali Celebration

This Friday (November 9), there will be a Diwali celebration in the gym during lunch. There will also be a casual Friday with the theme bright colours.

SMC Update

Here’s an update on the SMC for October and Halloween.

Casual Friday: Halloween

Tomorrow is a Casual Friday! Dress up in the spookiest, scariest outfit you can think of! (Or you can be lazy and just wear black.)

Halloween Party!

There will be a Halloween party hosted by KISPA and Student Council on Friday after-school.

Casual Friday: Autumn

There will be a Casual Friday this week. The theme is autumn! It will cost 20 Baht as usual.