Vice-Captain Elections

The vice-captain elections will be held this Tuesday, September 18, after-school in the forum room (that’s the room under the giant staircase.

The Horrible Hate Account

It has come to the Student Council’s attention that a student has created a KIS hate account on Instagram, dissing others and causing havoc in a rather inarticulate and immature manner.

Volleyball Tournament!

The following article was written by Pawin (G9). If you love playing volleyball, here’s your chance to boost your house points up to first place! If you’ve never played volleyball before, it’s a great opportunity for you to try new things–be a risk taker!

September’s SMC: Baby Faces!

This month’s Social Media Challenge is extremely exciting! (Although I do have a tendency to get excited over the most trivial matters.)

SMC For This Month!

In celebration of Friendship Day, Student Council has decided to hold a social media challenge related to the occasion. To participate, post an image of your friends on Instagram, and make sure to use the following hashtags:  #sckis #kishouse (instead of “house,” put your actual house–so if you’re in Tosakan, #kistosakan).

Casual Friday

We hope each and every one of you are having a good time at school, and we also hope that you are ready for the upcoming “Freestyle Friday” Casual Friday on the 31st of August. This is your chance to express your individualism through your dressing style. You can come to school dressed in anything,…