We will be having a diwali event this Friday (18 Oct) during lunch time at the gym near the old swimming pool. . Free Indian food will be provided for everyone who are attending the event!! We will also be having a CASUAL FRIDAY this Friday — it is free!! The theme is bright colorful…

Breast Cancer House Art Competition!

To all artists and art lovers out there, this is your chance to participate in this art competition and win some points for your house! This competition allows you to show breast cancer and raise awareness upon it! The deadline in October 31st, and you can submit by emailing Student Council. Good luck!

Basketball House Competition #4 ! Who are the final WINNERS?

And today, our first house competition has come to an end. We have seen amazing, intense games for the past week! Our winner for this competition basketball competition is TOSAKAN!!!! Congratulations to the 3 other houses for playing at their best abilities ! Hopefully you guys had fun coming to watch the game or participating…

Basketball House Competition

Hey everyone! Student Council is organising a inter-house basketball competition from the 23rd to the 27th of September which will take place in our new gym during lunch break ! So to those of you who enjoy playing basketball out there, this is your chance to play and win points for your house! Contact your…

Social Media Challenge!

This month’s SMC is called “Save the World”! Post anything earth related, and don’t forget to be creative! Don’t forget to use the hashtags #sckis and #kishouse on Instagram! If you don’t have Instagram, then you can send your photograph to kis-student-council@edu.kis.ac.th and don’t forget to include your house! The house with the most submissions will earn…

Casual Friday: Rainy Moody Day

We will be having a casual Friday this week (August 30) and the the theme is “Rainy Moody Day”. Clothes include: monotone colours (black, grey, white) and/or hoodies!! As per usual, please don’t forget to pay 20 Baht!

Student Council Candidates (2019-20)

Here is the full list of candidates who will be running for Student Council 2019-20. Elections will be taking place this Thursday during advisory.

SMC: Spirit Week

This month’s SMC is in celebration of spirit week! Post a picture/video of yourself showing school spirit! The possibilities are endless! If you’re posting on Instagram, here are the hashtags to use: #sckis #kishouse #spiritweek If you’re sending an email to kis-student-council@edu.kis.ac.th, PLEASE include your house. Have fun!